Hello, Chicago!

Late June means it's time for the 9th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics in Madison, WI. Along with all sorts of interesting talks, posters and the all important networking opportunities, it also means it's time to sneak in a visit with friends in Chicago.

I flew into the windy city last week and had a great time catching up with Chris and Jeremy and the whole Leonard-Lonnquist crew. Somehow, Rowan and Connor have gone and grown up in my absence. Fast! On Sunday evening, Chris and J. hosted a lovely barbeque and we had a great time enjoying the warm wather on the deck and keeping a sharp eye out to prevent anyone from tipping off!I

Above: The Bloomfields (notice Christine's fabulous taste in purples!)

Below: Rowan shows off her face paint and rainbow unicorn from the street fair.

Above: The photogenic Leonard-Lonnquist Clan/

Below: Connor exercises his creativity in finding entertainment in every environment!

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