We were back up kayaking around Lake Hallie last night. It was a calm day, and the water was pretty still, so I decided to try kayaking with my long lens (300 mm) so I could try and get some better wildlife pictures. This was my first attempt shooting with the big lens from the kayak, and it proved to be quite challenging. I did manage to get a few shots, though, and the wildlife was fairly cooperative.

This green heron was pretty brave, and let me drift up pretty close on a couple different occasions.
This is an immature bald eagle, who was fairly skittish. I did get close a couple times, but he kept landing in places that were kinda hard to see.
This guy was pretty happy to pose for me. I drifted slowly in, and he just sat there watching me. He ducked back into the hole when I put the camera down and started to leave.
This is an Osprey, which we've seen before. Unfortunately, it was flying off when we first got there, and this was the last we saw of it, and what may be a baby osprey? And a grackle. There are lots of grackles all over the lake.
It was starting to get late, so I had a hard time keeping up the shutter speed enough to get sharp pictures of this great blue heron. Plus he kept flying off when ever we got close.

That's all for now. Hopefully we'll make it back out before the big move to Seattle!

Thanks for looking!


Posted on 05-11-2006

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