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Aaron racing J24s in Portland



Gary, Ellen and Rowan

Matt, Sarah, Xander and Elizabeth

June 2007 - Aaron on the Flying Chicken!

Racing season has started again in Portland, Maine. Aaron has been crewing on the Flying Chicken in the J24 racing series. Stay tuned for new picture and if you want to check out race details or see pictures from last season, the J24 fleet has their own website at http://j24fleet43.org. The fleet races on Wednesday nights and we'll see how the flying chicken does this season. Good luck!

Felon Turns 14 (that's 98 in dog-years!?) (April 25, 2007)

I can only hope that I'm this energtic when I'm a 'teenager'. According to Karen, "Today Felon is 14 and truly acts MUCH younger! I took her to work with me today and she managed to get tummy rubs from just about everyone. Then we took the "little guy", 1 year old Rio, to obedience class. Felon had a blast! Everyone gave her cookies and MORE tummy rubs!! For kicks I took over to the agility half of the arena and she was more than thrilled to do the weave poles. This girl is more flexible than most 9 year olds! Her chiropractor says she has the joints of a 5 year old and I believe it! It has been a true joy to have Felon as the Queen of the pack and I hope we have her for many more years to come."

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Ember and Chad are getting married!

The big event is planned for September 1st. Be sure to check it out on their webpage at www.emberandchad.com. Hopefully they will post some fun skiing pictures in addition to information about the upcoming wedding. Stay tuned!

and Ember has a new job!

Read all about her position as an open space coordinaor it on their website or go directly to the article published about her on April 23rd.

Aaron and Jeff Survive the Kenduskeg! (April 21, 2007)

This year we were well represented inthe 41st annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race ! The 41st running of this 16.5 mile race from the village of Kenduskeag to downtown Bangor is the largest in New England and one of the biggest in the country. Fortunately for us, a local photographer Michael Alden was there to capture a few shots of the team. There are four pictures so be sure to check them all out! We're still waiting to hear by how much they conquered the field - all I know is that they finished alive altough probably cold! Well done!




Matt and Sarah have a baby girl (April 2, 2007)

Elizabeth Lyda Chapman was born on Tuesday, April 2nd. According to Matt, she "weighed in at 7 pounds 13.8 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. As an added bonus... she was waving to the world with her hand on top of her head causing the doctor to call for an emergency c-section. Mom and baby are both doing well. Xander is excitedly nervous and planning for her arrival at home." You can see pictures or read about it on the latest update on their blog or catch up on all the other excitement in the Chapman-Beman family on the home page of their blog. Good luck you guys!