A couple weekends ago, or maybe a few weekends ago by now, we went up to Bayfield Wisconsin, on the south shore of Lake Superior, to check out the Ice Caves. It had been cold enough for long enough that Lake Superior froze so that you can walk out and see the caves. Typically, these caves can only be reached by boat, as they are in the base of cliffs along the shore. On calm days in the summer, people kayak out and explore the caves. Now, since it's frozen, you can walk into all the caves, and there are a lot of fun ice formations all over the rocks.

It's about a mile and a half walk from Meyer's beach out to the close end of the caves, and they extend out for about another mile. It was a pretty nice day - temps in the low twenties? - so there were lots of people out enjoying the day.

On Sunday morning, we drove out to Madeline Island. This is another place generally only accessible by boat, but for a time in the winter they put up a road over the ice, so you can just drive out.

As always, thanks for looking.


Posted on 2-13-2007

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