Isle Royale Hiking continues! Happily for our feet, the next day was a short and largely downhill hike. We headed off the ridge and toward Siskwit Bay for our next campsite. You can see above that we did eventually make it to a lovely site right on the lake. On the way we took a couple photo-breaks and discovered the joys of hiking across beaches while wearing large packs. . .
Above: The sandpipers seemed to have better luck walking here than we did.

Above: Hooray for band-aid breaks! Right: down hill to the lake.

We arrived at Siskiwit bay before anyone else so had our pick of the campsites. We checked everything out and picked the site you see at the top of the page. Being back at the lake was great! Cool breezes, great scenery, wildlife and it was nice not to be filtering our water out of the muddy pudle that remained of the stream up at Island Mine Campground. On top of that, you'd be amazed at how luxurious a picnic table can be! As you can see below, we caught some more buterflies on camera. Montrail, if you're out there reading this - we would be happy to send you the butterfly on the abused but holding up hiking shoe for your next advertisement!

Siskiwit was a great place to spend the afternoon. We did a lot of wading (Lake Superior is COLD!) and followed around some bizzare, thread-like water woms for a while. There was a fairly significant pier in Siskiwit that served as the landing place for a couple rangers and a lot of ducks and seagulls. We chatted with them (the rangers) while watching the sun set and learned that they were embarking on two weeks of backpacking to catalouge the tree varieties on the island. I need a new job!

The real excitement on the pier that evening was a college orientation group from somewhere in the midwest. Most the the crew hadn't really done any hiking before and they were all quite foot-sore. Apparently the solution to that was a dive off the pier into the lake. As you can imagine, the entire bay heard the screams on contact. Evacuation was rapid although some of the girls survived the temperatures in bathing suits (note the addition of hats!) long enough to get pictures.

Sunset at Siskiwit Bay

Above: Men's and Women's Synchronized Jumping!

Below: Brave Bathing Beauties in Northern Michigan

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