Wine making in Bar Harbor

If you're one of the lucky few you may have had the opportunity to sample the first bottling of the Roger Brignull vintage. Sadly for me, it hasn't matured enough for mail travel to Seattle. While I was back in Maine the summer I had to opportunity to watch to the second batch make it's way into bottles. It was definitely a team effort! Due to the many hazards inherent in moving large quantities of red wine between multiple containers, the event took place on the porch in the end of August sunshine. It looks like a success and I'm anxiously waiting for reports from whoever gets to taste it!


Below: Emily was the official bottler and Aaron (at right) provided the muscle for corking. Is he safe with that thing?

Emily had a little help filling bottles as Dad regulated the vacuum transfer and provided quality control. The bottles, he labeled personally to ensure that perfect design.

Voila, The vintner and his finished product! Look for it at a specialty wine shop near you.

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