Relocating the Houseboat!

The big event in December was trying to get the houseboat moved before holiday chaos started. Apparently our old marina is planning all sorts of changes and needed more dock space available. So, we've been on the hunt for someplace to keep the boat.


We also discovered that the engine was not working (probably because the boat hasn't moved in ages...) so we called Fremont Tug to come and move Haven for us. They showed up with two small boats with gigantic engines and maneuvered her out of a very tight berth with no problems.



And they're off! I was on the dock watching as they headed out into Salmon Bay for the trip down the canal. It was a pretty classic Seattle sky for December but we were all happy that the rain held off.









Here's one more picture of departing. I likes this one because you get a great feel for the big fishing boats over at Fisherman's Terminal. We had some big neighbors!


This was my last view of Haven until she arrived in Fremont, our new neighborhood.




This photo, taken as they went through the narrow man-made part of the canal was courtesy of a sharp eyed co-worker. Kevin was on his way to work via the Burke-Gilman Trail, which runs right along the canal. He noticed the boat going by and caught a shot with his cell phone. I was surprised when I got to work and had an e-mail of Haven going through the canal.




While I was waiting, I snapped a picture of the new docks. Sea Lass, our new neighbor is a beautiful old wooden boat, about 55 feet long with a couple living on board. There is another houseboat just down the way but we haven't meet the people there.



The new dock is in lake Union, just past the end of the canal. The man-made part of the canal ends just after passing beneath the Fremont Drawbridge. It's pretty distinctive with the blue paint and seems to be just as busy as the Ballard Drawbridge we left behind.


I had been waiting at the new dock in Fremont and was pretty happy to see Haven come out from underneath!








Here is a quick glimpse of our new neighborhood, behind Haven. It's definitely less commercial fishing boats and a lot more pleasure boats. Just out of view to the right is Gas Works Park where the fireworks are set off on the 4th of July.







After that it was time to dock so I didn't get any more pictures - I was too busy running around with lines and fenders. Everything went smoothly thanks to the Fremont Tug guys who are the only people I've ever seen that can lasso and un-lasso (if that's a word) the cleats on a moving boat! Thanks for checking in.

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