Finally, the moment is here. Bouldering!!!

Unfortunately, we didn't get as many actual climbing pictures as we had hoped. We kept getting too distracted by climbing and spotting to remember to take pictures, but we did manage to get a few.

The one thing people had told us about this climbing area is that the rock is SHARP. And the weren't kidding. Everyone was losing skin like mad. Most of us ended up with bloody fingers and shins at the very least, as well as scraped arms and elbows. Ahh, the joys of bouldering.

Alan did the best ignoring his blood and pain and continued climbing anyway. He ended up doing more problems than the rest of us, and consequently got the higest score of our little group. He did mention in the morning that beating all of us was his goal for the day. Can't say we weren't warned.

The series of pictures on the right is of Alan climbing a 10 point problem in the Wash Boulders. He spent a lot of time and lost a lot of skin on this one.

Heather on the same problem as Alan, and then resting between problems, enjoying her new sun-hat.

This climber is a woman named Michelle who we met at the Wash Boulders. None of her friends got pictures of her succeding on this problem, so we promised to post some for her. Nice climb Michelle!

Jim scoping a problem.

Jim on a 30 point problem in the Entrance Boulders with Gary and Alan - the fearless spotters.

Jim resting between problems.

Toward the end of the day, we headed over to a top-rope area to try and rack up some more points. These pics are of Gary and Heather on a 20 point problem that was way easier than a lot of the 4 point problems we'd done earlier in the day. We also took some time in this area to watch Tommy Caldwell and Lisa Rands work on some very hard problems.

After the climbing ended, it was back to camp to wash up a little and change, then back down to the main stage area for more shopping and dinner, followed by drinks, provided by Fish and Voodoo. As we were finishing up dinner, we heard Heathers' name called out from the stage, so she ran up front and found out she had just won a new Fleece shirt! Unfortunately for her, it was an XL size, and there was no way to exchange it, so I ended up with a new fleece! Heather ended up buying a new jacket really cheap to make up for losing her free shirt. It was a good thing that we were both armed with extra warm clothes becuase the temperature dropped rapidly when the sun went down. We huddled in the crowd to watch the dyno contest and when that dispersed, hurried back to camp for the sleeping bags. A long but wonderful day.

Sunday morning we got up to break camp and catch our flight home. We tried to get the free pancake breakfast supplied to all climbers, but the line was too long so we decided to head into Superior for breakfast since it was on the way to the airport. Alan and Dave, with a later flight than us, left to go climbing some more, and Gary came with us to breakfast. We found a cute little place and headed in. The place was flooded with dirty, sunburned climbers and very large people sporting Harley pamphernelia. I don't think that this little place saw as many customers in a week as were there that morning. After about 20 minutes a mostly deaf woman in magoo glasses finally took our order. After another 40 we still didn't have our food and since we had a flight to catch, we left Gary to eat our breakfasts for us.

We stopped by Jackies' on the way through Mesa to drop off the cooler and to find out what had happened to her on Saturday, since we hadn't seen her in the chaos. Turns out she and a friend drove out but were never able to find us because the place was so big and crowded, and cell-phones don't work out there. But it sounded like they had a good time anyway - they got to watch some people climb for a while and they had a good adventure on the way home.

These pictures, which are over just a small portion of the climbing area show just how hard it would be to find someone if you didn't know exactly where they were. See if you can spot the people in all the pictures!

For official results, see the Phoenix Bouldering Contest Website.

Also check out Garys' site for some more pictures and Alan's Commentary on the trip.

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