Photo of the Moment - 21 August 2009

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No surprise that summer-laziness has gotten the better of me! I haven't put up any pictures for a while, so this photo of the moment will have several to try and make up for lost time. Just a few weeks ago, though it feels like longer, Seattle had a new all-time high temperature record of 103 degrees. Ugh. That was accompanied by an entire week of HOT weather. Well, if you live on a houseboat, that means you spend a lot of time in the water. Here is Jim working on his tan.

It was waaaay to hot to stay out of the water, so this seemed like a good time to practice kayak- self rescue. STEP 1: flip the boat over!

STEP 2: Right the kayak without drowning and/or getting too much water in it.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Jim didn't drown. He did however, give up on a right-side up re-entry after getting massive amounts of water in the boat.

So, the logical step 3?

STEP 3: See if getting back on the kayak is easier when it's upside down. Good luck!

The initial boarding seems promising...

Then the fun starts - Ride'em cowboy!

And leads to step 4.

STEP 4: Just give up and enjoy the water because it's too damn hot for anything else.


I'm happy to report that there are no photos to document my equally entertaining efforts at kayak re-entry since we were both soaking wet. We will both continue to do our very best to NOT fall out of the kayaks when the temperature is under 95 degrees!

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