Photo of the Moment - 07 June 2010

It's starting to feel like we used up all our good weather in January and February out here in Seattle. It's been a gray, rainy spring over-all. So, when the sun came out last Sunday afternoon, Jim and I jumped! We pulled out all the motorcycle gear, brushed the dust off and went for a ride. Happily the motorcycle still starts and we had a great time cruising around and exploring neighborhoods of Seattle that we'd never seen before.

Although the photo below seems to suggest some stunning Spring-foliage here in the Pacific northwest, you can't believe everything you see! It was taken last Fall. I didn't think to bring the camera on our Seattle ride but this gives you a good feel for the view from where I sit on the bike! If you look closely, you may see my nose in the rear view mirror. This shot was taken in motion on Route 2, heading up toward Index, a fabulous climbing area, and super cute town at the fringes of Snoqualmie National Forest and the Cascade Mountains. The road follows the Skykomish River all the way from Seattle up to Stevens Pass then back down onto the desert on the East side of the mountains. It's a gorgeous ride anytime of year!

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