Photo of the Moment - 12 May 2010

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Okay - I've been a HUGE slacker on my photo of the moment and the web site in general. The photos are piling up and the task of updating is getting more and more daunting. So, I've decided to start with the easiest thing - my latest obsession and new toy!

Jim found me the perfect, mini-sized road bike to improve my odds of keeping up with him and my other speedy-biking friends. He spotted it on Craig's List, a couple years old but barely used. In the last two months I've easily added 10x the mileage and am having tons of fun exploring the roads around Seattle and other scenic regions. It doesn't look small in this photo (does it?) but wait till you see it next to Jim's bike...

This seemed like a good picture to get going with again since biking and sailing seem to be our main activities these days. Stay tuned for more biking-related photos!

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