Photo of the Moment - 27 May 2010

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Moving to the west coast has introduced us to a whole new range of potential natural catastrophes. Gone are the Midwest tornados, the East-coast hurricanes and the threat of shoveling feet of snow off the car on wintry mornings. In exchange, we have volcanoes and tsunamis! This disturbingly cheery brochure was all over town when we went out to Neah Bay on the Olympic Peninsula. Happily, we did not need to evacuate while we were there.

Neah Bay is the farthest northwest point in the contiguous US and the land belongs to a local indian tribe, the Makah People. Neah Bay is a teeny, tiny town that seems to survive on tourism and commercial fishing. The bay is the first possible shelter for anyone coming in from the Pacific (lots of tankers etc) and one of few harbors for anyone coming up the west coast from further south. Of course, this also makes it a target for any tsunamis in Pacific Ocean.

The landscape in this area is just breathtaking with dramatic cliffs, beaches and sea stacks that look like they're straight out of The Goonies. We took so many pictures getting them to the web site has seemed overwhelming so, in the meantime, here is the Tsunami Brochure for you to ponder!

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