Photo of the Moment - 28 September 2010

I was inspired to put up these photos after I saw Karen's facebook photo post of a beach-dog. Jim and I met our own beach dog out on the Olympic Penninsula. We took a mid-summer trip to Neah Bay, part of the Makah Indian Reservation and the farthest Northwest point on the penninsula, and pitched our tent right next to the beach at the Hobuck Campground. It was a busy spot with kayakes are, believe it or not, surfers all practicing their white-water techniques. We didn't brave the white water but wedid enjoy the beach!

This big fellow wandered up and looked at us plaintively until we found a semi-log suitable for big-dog catch. Jim made firm friends with this incredibly gentle and friendly guy and we had a hard time leaving him at the beach. I don't think he was really a houseboat-size dog, though!

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