Photo of the Moment - 26 July 2007

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Our first official guest was one of the Downar's! Craig made it to Seattle under the pretense of of attending a seminar designed to improve his computer skills. (We're all confused about how this is possible since Craig is already a master e-mailer). Jim took Craig on a tour of the Ballard neighborhood while I finished up my first day of work andI caught up with the boys at Fiore. Of course, if you come to Seattle, we have to take you to an organic, vegan coffee house - you know, to get in the Seattle spirit of things.

After his organic coffee, Craig was feeling adventurous so we introduced him to the joys of Thai food at Thaiku, home of the famous Oolong-tinis. Well, we were celebrating Craig's arrival, my first day of work, and Jim's greatness as a tour guide so we did a little bit of drink sampling along with what the Downars do best when all together - eat!

Sadly, Jim had to leave us, head back to Iowa and save his employers from the FDA. I was left all by my lonesome to entertain Craig. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard at all - we just carried on with eating and drinking all over town.

Above:I higly recommend the Rosemary-Grapefruit thingamajiggys at Ray's Cafe. They make waiting for a table on the deck much, much better.

Left: One of the best views in Seattle requires another celebration. We got the waiter to take a picture of us and our Martini thingamabobbers. Dinner was some fabulous seafood. Sorry, the closest you're going to get to enjoying the view is via the reflection in the window behind us. I was too busy emjoying it to take any pictures. You'll just have to come visit.

Right: The next night we hit some of the local hot spots. Craig inspired me to try his favorite drink (I ordered the water to go along, just in case!). This was our warm up to dinner at Madame K's: a pizza place working hard to keep alive the buildings history as one of Seattle's finest bordellos.

I can't show you any pictures after the Jack. Craig tells me that if there is too much photgraphic evidence, Suzanne may never let him out of the house again and we had too much fun for that too happen. Don't worry Craig, I won't tell her about the margaritas that went with mexican food the next night - thanks for visiting!