Photo of the Moment - 05 July 2011

Well, this is pretty much why I packed everything for my trip to England in carry on luggage. All I know about this entire country is from Monty Python and he is very worried about the baggage retrieval system at Heathrow. One look out the window once I got on the ground in England and I understand exactly why!

That said - I escaped the airport just fine, navigated my way to the tube, from there to a Cambridge-bound public rail, from whence, via cab, I progressed to the country side of Hinxton where the meeting is located! Not surprisingly, riding in the cab was fairly terrifying through no fault of the driver. This whole left lane thing is going to take some serious adaptation. Notice the use of 'whence' earlier in this paragraph? I was inspired by the fact that they actually use 'whilst' in signage in this country and that construction is occurring 'at weekends'. That put me right in the mood for my first pint of room temperature bitters - well earned and surprisingly good! Continuing in the English spirit - Cheers!

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