A couple weeks ago, we drove out to Long Beach, Washington to check out the Washington State International Kite Festival.

In addition to just the ridiculous numbers of kites, there were also competitions. We made it in for the very end of the 4 person group contest, which was really neat. 4 people doing choreographed routines to music.

Then there was this one guy flying three kits by himself - one with each hand and one with his legs, with the lines routed through his belt loops. Impressive.

We brought one of our kites with us, and found a free bit of beach to fly it.
Just up the road from the Kite Festival is Leadbetter State Park and Wildlife Refuge. We drove up and got there right at sunset, and saw a family of raccoons looking for food out on the oyster flats. We went back in the morning so we'd have a little more time to explore. The oyster flats were full of Herons in the morning. then we walked around to the other side - the open ocean side - and found a few other birds, including a Black Bellied Plover. There were also a crazy number of Sand Dollars.
Then it was back to the Kite Festival. Sunday they were doing the individual competitions, which were fun, but not as neat looking as the multi kite stuff.

On the way home, we stopped off at the North Head Lighthouse. Following some poorly maintained unmarked trails, we found a pretty good viewpoint for both the lighthouse, and back up the beach toward the kite festival.

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Posted 9/5/2009

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