Last summer (yes, I'm very delinquent) my Mom came to Seattle to visit. She took the train out from Pennsylvania on her way to New Mexico. We decided to take a trip up to Friday Harbor and go whale watching, since she'd never had the chance to see Orcas, and the San Juan islands are a beautiful place to visit in the summer.

The Victoria Clipper is a super fast catamaran ferry that does day trips out of Seattle to Canada, as well as Friday Harbor, and they also do whale watching trips. It was a beautiful sunny day when we left Seattle. The trip up goes through Deception Pass, which is a gorgeous spot, and was kind of neat as there was a huge for bank on the far side. So as we went thought the pass, we disappeared into the fog.

Once we were through, we came out of the fog pretty quickly, and continued up to Friday Harbor. We made a quick stop to drop a few people off, and then it was out Sight Seeing and Whale Watching.

And a great day for whale watching it was. We saw lots of Orcas, including some juveniles, playing and having fun.

After the whale watching, we had a couple hours to spend in Friday Harbor, so we grabbed so coffee and lunch, and relaxed along the harbor front.

While we were relaxing we found a super cute family of otters right in the middle of town.

There is also some nice public are to enjoy, as well as beautiful boats to watch.
Then it was just a quick trip home to Seattle.

The next day we spent a lot of time in the car so that we could spend a little time at the official Pacific Ocean. It was a cold, gray day at Long Beach.
After that, it was all about relaxing around the houseboat. We did do a trip down to Pike Place Market, but there are no pictures. And one evening, we borrowed our neighbors Duffy and took a Lake Union tour to check out some of the floating home communities.

Home Sweet Home.

Thanks for looking!


Posted 9/18/11

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