Saturday we woke up to a surprisingly sunny morning, so we decided to take advantage, and head out for a quick hike. We decided on Mt. Si, which is the closest mountain to the city, because we'd always meant to hike it. We hoped the rain in the forecast would have scared everyone else off, as it is supposed to get quite crowded, being so close to the city. The only other thing I know about the hike, it that is is steep, although Arminda told us it wasn't that bad.

It was that bad. Well, it was really steep, anyway. And the trail is in the woods pretty much the whole way, and they're pretty dark woods, so there are no pictures of the hike up. At the top, it opens right up, though, and there are some great views off in all directions. We stopped and rested for a while and had some lunch before tackling the scramble up the "Haystack" up to the very top.

The scramble to the top was great - it follows a gully up the back side of the haystack, but it's a bit exposed, and requires quite a bit of use of your hands.

Just as we were leaving the summit and down-climbing the scrambley part, it started to rain, and rained pretty much the whole way down.

Thanks for looking!

Heather and Jim

View Mt Si in a larger map - This is from a tracker app on my phone. Unfortunately, my phone died before we made it all the way back down. If you follow the link, you can see the perfect pyramid of an elevation profile.

Posted 9/18/2010

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