Last weekend was forecast to be sunny, so we decided to go camping and hiking at Mt. Rainier. The forecast war right, and we had a beautiful weekend. We drove in to Mowich Lake, which is in the northwest part of the park, and tends to be quieter than some of the other areas. It is also only open between mid-July and mid to late October.

On Saturday, we set up camp, then headed up to Spray Park, which is a big open meadow area. The trail up is beautiful, and passes several waterfalls.

We stopped for lunch on this rock, then headed up to the ridge in the background behind the rock. It was a very steep hike up, but the view from the top was great!

We spent quite a while sitting and enjoying the view, watching the moon come up and the sun go down , taking pictures and resting.

Eventually, it started getting dark, so we started the hike back down. When we were almost down from the ridge, I looked back up and spotted a mountain goat!

It was a beautiful sunset up in the meadow, which made up for the 3 mile hike back to camp in the dark with one working headlamp. Then it was a quick dinner - hot soup which was wonderful as it was very cold, then into the tent and the warm sleeping bags.

Still to come - Day 2, Eunice Lake and Tolmie Peak!

Posted 10/23/2010

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