Last week, Heather was up in Friday Harbor for a meeting, so I took the ferry out for the weekend. It was a pretty gray ferry ride, and it started raining part way out.

Saturday morning was sunny, though, so we went for a bike ride down to the Cattle Point Lighthouse. It was beautiful, if a little chilly.

That evening, we were hoping for the super-moon, but it was cloudy on the horizon, and by the time it rose above the clouds, it seemed like a fairly normal moon.

We spent Saturday night in the Juniper Lane Guest House, which was very nice. And it's off season, so it was also very quiet, which may have contributed to how nice it seemed. There was only one other couple there, and we hardly saw them, so it seemed almost like we had the place to ourselves.

Sunday was cold and windy, so rather than bike over to Lime Kiln, which was our original plan, we hopped on an earlier ferry back, and stopped by the Anacortes Boat Show and checked out some sailboats.

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Posted 3/24/2011

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