Back in September we went down to Olympia for Harbor Days, which also included Tugboat Races. Earlier in the summer we went out and watched our neighbor Skip race his tug Galene. This time he invited us to be aboard for the race.

There were lots of cool tugs in attendance, and we spent a while checking them all out before the races. We also spent a while checking out the interesting people and details aboard Galene.

Skip let me watch the race from the Crows Nest, so I headed up as we started out toward the starting line. This gave me a great viewpoint for boat and people watching.

Unfortunately, our biggest rival for the race - the tug Comanche - was out of service due to a blown engine, so were up against a couple of smaller tugs, Danielle and R.M. Confer.

Due to our larger size, we got off the start a little behind, but with our longer hull, we made up ground quickly.

The biggest excitement came while passing the R.M Confer, who tried to shut us out, but ended up underneath our bow wave. They ended up pulling out and turning back in order to retrieve their coolers and chairs that washed overboard.

Then it was just pouring on the speed and overtaking Danielle for the win!

The other excitement came on the way back to the dock, when Skip let Heather drive the boat! Now that she has some perspective, maybe our boat seems a little less intimidating.

As always, thanks for looking.


Posted 10/26/2013

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