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Earlier in September, we took a few days off, and took Kavenga out for a few days. We didn't have much in the way of set plans, other than a morning at the spa with a massage on Monday morning in Roche Harbor. So we headed out Saturday with a couple days to make it there.

Leaving, it takes a couple hours to get out through the bridges and the locks. But then you're out in the sound, where it feels big and open in comparison.

Once we were out, it was a pretty quiet day. No wind, so we motored along enjoying the clouds and sun and having a good time checking out other boats.

We decided to spend the night at Port Ludlow. Entering the harbor involved navigating through a few rocks, including Colvos Rock, which was a gathering spot for lots of birds, as well as a few seals around the bottom.

We got a slip an end slip at the marina, and had some time to walk around the docks and check out other boats, including a giant sailboat named Thor, that left Florida a few years ago, and has been cruising around the world. We felt pretty little in comparison.

Then it was time for a celebratory Margarita, then a walk to the totem pole for sunset.

Sunday morning provided some nice fog, although none that we had to try and navigate through, thankfully.

It was another rather windless day, so we motored north over glassy seas.

The Lighthouse at Point Wilson marks the entrance from Admiralty Inlet into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Strait is one of those places you hear about that has big wind and big seas and can be an intimidating place to sail. This Sunday, there was no wind, although there was a little tide rip in a couple places. But, overall, a pretty quiet day.

We did come across this crazy container barge with tractors and busses and stuff. Not sure why, exactly, but it seemed post-apocalyptic.

As we were almost across the Strait, we saw a cluster of boats that didn't seem to be moving, so we decided to investigate. They turned out to be Whale Watching boats, and there were loads of orcas, so we stopped to watch for a while.

After that, we headed up Haro Strait, on the west side of San Juan Island passing the Lighthouse at Lime Kiln. Then, through Mosquito Pass, which wasn't nearly as bad as all the books made it out to be, and next thing we know, we're docked safely in Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor is mostly a resort town with a big marina with lots of big power boats as their big customers, although there are a good number of sailboats as well. It was pretty quiet when we were there, since it was the weekend after Labor Day - and don't think we didn't do that on purpose.

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Posted 9/29/13