Christmas afternoon was windless, sunny and not too cold, so we decided to head our for a quick paddle.

Just down the way from us is a yacht re-fitter that currently has a Hinckley in getting some work done. Looks like a Sou'wester 59.

Just around the corner from there is a Dry Dock/Work Yard where they bring lots of big fishing boats for work, so we poked around there for a while, checking out the big boats.

After that, we headed past Gas Works Park and over toward our old slip to look for our friend John's boat - an old wooden military boat that he's been working on restoring - lots of work.

On the way back, we came across a guy out for a swim - not even a wet-suit, just a swim cap and a speedo - brrr. At least he had a friend in a kayak with him to tow him to shore should he succumb to hypothermia.

Once we got home and cleaned up, we noticed these super strange clouds over the lake. No idea what caused them, but they were pretty neat looking.

Posted 12/27/2013

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