Here are some more photos from Seattle. The first bunch are from Golden Gardens, which is a park that is pretty close to us, out on Puget Sound. We went over one evening to watch the sunset. There were lots of boats to watch too, which was pretty fun. There are also a couple of a sunset that I took while standing on the roof of our boat. and while I was up there I also got one of Heather who was scraping some of the chipping paint that we are trying to fix. Finally, there is a shot of a Great Blue Heron, who was kind enough to stop and pose for me while I was eating breakfast one morning. He even waited around so that I could go grab the camera and switch lenses. Also, the boat that would have normally been in the way had just left the previous evening.

Once again, thanks for looking and I hope you continue to enjoy it.


Posted on 06-30-2007

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