Here are a few more pictures from our recent trip to Olympic National Park .

These first ones are from the Hoh Rain Forest (pdf), which was really neat. Lots of moss and ferns and fungi everywhere. Everything was super green, which isn't really coming across here, as I seem to be having color issues in my photo editing. I need to figure that out.

We did the walk through the Hall of Mosses, then hiked a few miles up the Hoh River Trail, although not nearly out to the end. It did rain a little, as one would expect in the rain forest, but there was a little sun, too.


The next day we had to drive home, but we got an early start, and managed to see some fun stuff on the way. We stopped off at Crescent Lake, and hiked up to Marymere Falls, which they claim is 90 feet tall. I didn't measure it, but it is pretty tall, and very beautiful.

Crescent Lake was really pretty, too, and it wa s a beautiful day, although really cold, so we didn't hang out there very long.

On the way out from there, we also stopped by Madison Falls (below) which are at the end of a 900 foot long paved trail. That doesn't make them any less pretty, though.

On the drive back to get the ferry back to Seattle, we had time to make a quick run up Hurricane Ridge, which goes up into the Olympic Mountains, and quickly takes you from sea level to almost 6,000 feet. It's definitely different from the rain forest. There was a bit of snow, and there were lots of people enjoying it. We had a beautiful sunset on the way back down the road, then a pretty uneventful drive and ferry ride home from there in the dark.

Thanks once again for looking!


Posted 12/09/2007

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