Jim and Heather's WeddingSeptember, 2000

And there followed a week of fun!

The house in the middle of this shot we rented for the week following the wedding. Lots of people from around the country came and stayed with us for the week. This picture was taken on our group sea-kayaking trip.

Theresa Karpel in Hunter's Cove. One of my favorite places in Maine. Theresa, Christine and I wandered down here for a relaxing picnic lunch while the rest of the crew was off climbing at Precipice.

On the right is Chrisitne and Jeremy having some fun in downtown Bar Harbor.
We were lucky enough to have Heathers' grandmother Emma come over one morning and make breakfast for all of us. She made the most amazing Crepes, and we all were very happy, and full.

Some of the folks who stayed at the house:

Top: Jeremy, Christine, Alan, Gary, Ellen

Bottom: Heather, Theresa, Jim

Heather showing off her slippers.
Alan and Theresa Realxing around the house.
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