Embers' Graduation - May 2002 - Boulder, CO

In May, we drove to Colorado to visit Ember, who was graduating from CU. We figured it would be a good chance to do some climbing, as there is tons of good rock around Boulder, and when we were out there a few years ago in May, the weather was wonderful. We even convinced Jeremy to fly out and meet us to climb for a couple days.

The drive out was uneventful. It went by pretty fast, and we were soon in Boulder. We did find this one cool dinosaur when we stopped for breakfast. Heather also used the free time in the car to knit a hat. Keep an eye out for it in some of the later pictures - it's purplish with a big pom-pom.

And then before we knew it, Graduation was upon us!

As you can see, CU holds Graduation inside their Football Stadium, which has some wonderful views of the Colorado Front Range, including the famous Flatirons. Aaron did a last minute coffee run to keep everyone supplied then we settled in for the graduation. We think Ember was there - you can tell from the picture that it was hard to identify individuals. The graduation ceremony was made more exciting by the message towing plane that buzzed the stadium. After the ceremony, we met up with Ember outside, took some pictures, and then headed back to her place for a cookout to celebrate with the extended Brignull family and Ember's Colorado friends.

After Graduation, we had hoped to spend a few days climbing, but the weather didn't cooperate; it rained all weekend, and snowed a bit as well. So we spent time hanging out with people in Boulder instead. Since we'd checked out of our hotel already, we decided it would be easiest to just camp in Chad and Embers' back yard. That way we'd be easy to find.

We kept ourselves busy in the gray weather with a lot of eating. This included large family dinners out, fabulous, large family dinners at Jerrilyn's (the missing Brignull) as well as a quite mean meal at a great little Indian restaurant. When not busy eating, we made repeated trips to Pearl Street, a trip to the Boulder Farmers' Market (where we saw a very interesting hat), and a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory. That was quite exciting and if you visit we recomend not breathing in too deeply when they show you the peppermint storage room. Since this was supposed to be a climbing trip, we checked out the local climbing scene at the Boulder Rock Club, and climbed indoors with Ember and Anna.
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