Day 3 of the cruise brought us into Juneau, Alaska. We didn't make it into port until fairly late in the morning, so we had time for sightseeing off the deck of the ship. It was a very cloudy and hazy day, but the mountains looked beautiful.

Once we were docked, we quickly got off the boat - avoiding getting our pictures taken with the moose - and went off with Dad and Karen on our Photo Excursion. We had a professional photographer as our guide, and he took out on a little inflatable boat to look for whales and other wildlife for a couple hours. We found lots of whales, including a group of 11 Humpbacks who were bubble feeding, which is where the whales all dive and blow bubbles in a big circle in order to frighten a school of fish, who then all cluster together and swim up toward the surface. The whales then all surface up through the fish with their mouths wide open in order to catch as many fish as possible. Craig, Suzanne Jackie and Stacy were all on another whale watch boat watching the same thing. It was very impressive. We also saw a bunch of Bald Eagles and some Sea Lions laying around on a buoy.

After the wildlife portion of the trip, we hopped on a bus and headed up to a little meadow/pond area near the Mendenhall Glacier for some nature and glacier photography.

After our tour ended, we still had a couple hours before the boat left, so the four of us headed into Juneau to check out the local scene. Turns out the local scene is all about selling stuff to people from cruise ships, so that wasn't super cool, but we did find a place to sit and have a beer and some fish 'n chips.

Next Up: Day 4 - Hubbard Glacier, and Beer Fest!

As always, thanks for looking.


Posted on 08-15-2006

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