On the 4th Day, we cruised up to Hubbard Glacier, just North of Juneau. The whole day was spent on the boat, no getting off and touring around.

We spent all morning and into the early afternoon slowly cruising up to the glacier. From far away it looked really small, but when after what seemed like hours we got up near to it, it is really gigantic. The naturalist on the boat said that it is about 350 feet tall, and over 6.5 miles long. It is really hard to get perspective on just how huge it is. When we were at our closest to the glacier, we debated exactly how close we were. Estimates ranged from a couple hundred yards to about a mile.

There were tons of cool icebergs everywhere. Some of these were huge as well. Keep an eye out for sea gulls and other wildlife for a sense of perspective.

We also saw lots of calving, which is where huge parts of the glacier fall off into the ocean. That was pretty fun to see. Since the face of the glacier is in the ocean, the water melts the ice below the surface, so the upper portions lose their support and fall off, creating lots of thunderous noise and big waves.

Once we left the glacier to cruise back south, a bunch of us decided to sit on the Lido deck for a while and have a couple beers. This ended up becoming "Beer Fest", wherein we drank off the the Alaskan Brewing Company beer that they had at the bar. This led to much silliness, some Sudoku puzzle doing, and several games of chess. Also, Stacy ended up getting about a thousand pictures taken of her.

All in all, a very fun filled day.

Next Up: Day 5 - Sitka!

As always, thanks for looking.


Posted on 09-06-2006

Updated on 09-09-2006

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