We went back up to the Seger Farm out by Galena, Illinois for the weekend this weekend to catch the tail end of Morel season. I've never really heard about morels before, but they're apparently quite popular as mushroom go, and there are supposed to be lots of them growing out at the farm.

For others not in the know, Morels are the ones with the kind of brownish wavy looking caps, and they are completely hollow. If you find ones that look similar, but are not hollow, don't eat them as they are poisonous. Morels, though, are supposedly quite safe. And pretty tasty too, if cooked with enough butter - but then what isn't?

So, it was pretty rainy and cold, but Jeremy, Christine, Heather and I ventured out into the woods to seek out Morels. I brought my new camera just in case anything presented itself for photographing. We ended up collecting 6.5 pounds of Morels in a couple hours. I only collected a few, as I kept getting distracted by other cool looking fungi, as well as bugs, flowers and a really neat little snail that Heather found.


Posted on 05-15-2006

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