We headed down to the Seger Farm in northwest Illinois this weekend for what was to be the Second Annual Fungus Fest. After a quiet night on Friday, and a lot of work around the farm on Saturday morning, it was finally time to head out hunting for morels on Saturday afternoon! Unfortunately, this year didn't seem to be too good for them. It has been really dry, and apparently the temperatures haven't been ideal. Cheryl found 6 morels, and the rest of us came up dry.

I did manage to find a few flowers to distract me from the lack of fungus. And we had a fun time hanging out in the nice warm sunshine, even if we failed in our morel quest.

Posted on 05-15-2007

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Saturday night we had a bonfire. Jeremy brought his guitar, and he, Christine and Heather sang us some nice songs while we roasted marshmallows. Gary, Ellen and Rowan drove up that evening and joined us, too. Rowan had to go to bed, though, and couldn't join us at the fire.

Sunday, we showed Rowan around the farm. We walked around the woods a bit, then down to the cemetery, and finally down to the stream to play in the water.

As always, thanks for looking.