It's been a pretty cold winter in the mid-west this year. At least we've had some pretty good cold spells. That has made for some pretty interesting ice formations and patterns along the edge of the lake.

Christmas Eve, we had a high temperature of around 7 degrees, so I bundled up in lots of warm clothes and went for a walk along the Northwestern beach, while Heather was doing a little work in the lab. I was amazed at the variety of different ways the ice had formed in such a small area.

A few days later I stopped to take some pictures at the B'hai Temple in Wilmette on my way home from work. I was a little early for sunset, so I walked out past Wilmette Harbor, and found the coolest circular chunks of ice floating in the water. I have no idea how such a thing could be formed.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, and thanks for looking.

Posted on 01-20-2005

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