Looking Glass, NC

Since Dad's been bugging me, it seems like I should get around to some new stuff. These are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving trip down to a climbing area called Looking Glass, which is in western North Carolina, near Asheville.
On the way down we drove through Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It was beautiful, even had some snow up in the higher bits.
It got pretty cold at night. This is the base of the waterfall about 50 yards from the place we camped. According to some other folks out camping it was down to 15 degrees the first night.
This is the aforementioned waterfall. It added some nice soothing sounds for sleeping
A party at the end of the first pitch of Sundial Crack. We were thinking of doing this route, but we didn't feel like waiting around, so we decided to head down the cliff and look for something else.
A very cool looking route we walked by. I have no Idea what it's called.
a turtle
Sunset from the top of Looking Glass. Unfortunately, this meant that we still had to find our way off and then Hike out in the dark.
The imposing looking start to pitch 2. The route is 5 pitches, although the top couple are really easy 5th class slabs.
Heather about to make it to the belay at the top of pitch one of Tits and Beer, the route we decided on.
The beach
The South Face of Looking Glass from the trail on the hike up Saturday morning.
Looking West across the South Face. The route we climbed on Friday ascends the very westernmost bit of visible rock.
Saturday was pretty mellow. We did some easier routes and tried to soak up the sun whenever possible. I did manage to find one good warm belay ledge.
A panoramic taken from the South Face
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