A couple weekends ago, we went downtown to watch the start of the annual sailboat race from Chicago to Mackinac Island. It's the longest freshwater sailboat race in the world. Before the race, a lot of the boats parade past the end on Navy Pier for good viewing. Since we were downtown, we stopped by the aquarium for a bit, and laso took in a beautiful sunset from the lake.
Updated 8/1/2004
Very cool sailboat. Wooden Boat
Megis Feild
These were two of our favorite boats in the Chicago Yacht Club marina.
A small plane landing at Meigs Field, which is in downtown Chicago, right on the water and near all the museums. The building in the picture is the Adler Planetarium.
This was taken from in front of the Shedd Aquarium. We spent a while watching the boats come in.
The Shedd Aquarium: We decided to become members of the aquarium this spring, so we've been down a few time, and I've been trying to improve my ability to photograph the fish. The lighting conditions make it hard, as well as the crowds of people. This fall, there was a new member preview of the new shark exhibit which is scheduled to open in the spring. The whole aquarium was open to just new members for a few hours in the evening, so it was less crowded and I managed a few good pictures. The new exhibit looks really neat as well.
Grey Angel Fish
Sea Anemonies A neat little fish another anemonie
a turtle Cichlids yeah turtles!
These are some pictures taken from different walks around Evanston.
The Evanston sailing beach
The Chicago skyline as seen on a clear day from Northwestern.
The beach Seagulls Ducks
the boathouse
Our friend Mike hosted a disc golf tournament one weekend this summer. Gary and I played, we had fun but we both did pretty poorly. Heather came out for one round and walked around with us and took a few pictures.
The Northwestern boathouse, where we took sailing lessons this summer.
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