Here are some pictures taken on our drive out to Seattle for the big cruise this summer. These were mostly all taken when we were no place in particular. Just places we happened to be driving through on the way to somewhere else.

The cute dog was in Sioux City, Iowa, where we stopped to get a cup of coffee. We remembered a cute little coffee shop there from when we went out for Saturday In The Park last summer, so we thought we'd stop in. It was sorta hard to find, but we made it.

The fields, cafe, weird ice cream cone sculpture and Turkey Vultures were all taken at various places in Nebraska. We stopped in at the cafe for lunch. We were amazed we found it, as it was out in the middle of no where. There wasn't even really a town, just this cafe and a gas station. As you can see, Heather took the shot of the cafe, as well as the ice cream pole and the vultures.

This windmill was, I believe, somewhere in South Dakota. There was nothing else near by, and it may have been the only manmade structure for miles. This was shortly before our stop to visit our friends Alan and Theresa at their cabin near Custer, South Dakota.

This next group of pictures it from Montana, on our way to Glacier National Park. Yes, the one on the highway I took while driving, much to Heathers' consternation. The next couple were taken while waiting for a pilot vehicle to return at a construction area probably 75 miles from anything. Every construction site out west has these pilot cars that you have to follow, because apparently road construction is just too confusing otherwise.

The lone tree was just next to the road somewhere, and we ended up stopping because it looked scenic, and also because it reminded us of cows. We noticed while driving, that there are essentially two distinct types of cows. Some cows will clump together in really tight groups no matter how much space is available to them. Give them thousands of acres to roam, and they'll still just clump up and essentially stand on top of one another. Then there is the occasional cow that will wander off by itself. And then there are the rare herds that spread out. This tree reminded us of that rare non-clumping cow, off by itself apart from the herd.

The Exxon sign is another Heather picture. She really liked the fact that you could buy "Off Road Dyed Diesel". Don't ask me, I don't get it either.

The flower and the Pelicans - Yes, Pelicans in Montana, very strange if you ask me - were from near a large lake in the middle of what appeared to be desert in the middle of no where. Interesting.

In Eastern Washington State, we came across a roadside park down along a river we'd been following for a while. There was a super neat suspension bridge across the river, and some nice rapids and small waterfalls. It was a beautiful area, and we spent a couple hours hanging out and relaxing.

We found a couple of "White-water Geese" who were fun to watch. They would hang out along the edge of the river for a while, then they'd slowly start working they're way out into the middle, then ride the current down river for a ways, where they'd drift back to the calmer waters on the edge of the river where they could come back upstream.

And this cool flower I think we identified at some point, but I can't remember what we decided it was, and I can't seem to find it in any of my books right now. Hmm.

The North Cascades, in Eastern Washington. We only had a few hours to spend here, as we needed to get on to Seattle for the cruise, but we're definitely heading back here someday. It was beautiful. We briefly stopped by North Cascades National Park, and took a quick tour around the North Cascades Institute, which is a really cool school/learning center/nature center/research institute. Definitely worth looking into, although somehow I have no pictures of it. Which is too bad, because it is a really well designed place with lots of cool architecture and interesting spaces. If you ever in the area, you should really go there.

Then, it was off to Seattle for the cruise.

Somewhere on the drive home, possible Nebraska again, or it may have been Wyoming, I'm not really sure, we came across some crazy weather. It was sunny where we were, but there were some of the darkest clouds I've ever seen. It was creepy looking. So we stopped by the side of the road and grabbed a couple quick pictures. I'm also still amazed at the amount of open space there is in the middle of the country.

Plenty more pictures to come as I slowly make my way through all the pictures from the trip.

Once again, thanks for looking!


Posted on 11-01-2006


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