On a miserable cold and snowy day in Chicago, Cheryl Seger and I left of a climbing road trip. I left my beautiful wife, and Cheryl left her son, here in Chicago for a couple months, to enjoy our unemployment, and spend a couple months climbing. We didn't really have any plans of where we were going, other than trying to avoid cold and snow as much as possible. The picture above is of my campsite at the Hueco Rock Ranch, near El Paso, Texas, where we spent about 6 of the 8 weeks we were gone. The rocks off in the distance are Hueco Tanks, one of the most famous bouldering areas in the world. We didn't really mean to spend three quarters of our climbing trip here, but it's an amazing place, and we loved every bit of it.

This page has pictures from in and around Hueco Tanks, and page 2 is some of the other areas we visited on our trip.

Left: The snowstorm which greeted our departure. Thankfully it ended just south of Chicago, so we got out of it pretty quickly.

Right: Cheryl climbing at Rogers Park, near Austin, TX. This was our first stop. Mostly we only stopped here as an excuse to get out of the car. It was really cold and cloudy, so we didn't stay very long.

Left: A tiny crag called Sneeds Cory near El Paso. We climbed here our first afternoon when we couldn't get into Hueco. It's only about 30 feet tall, and has 12 routes.

Right: Deanna, a woman from LA on a problem I don't remember at Hueco - somewhere on the East Spur, I think.

Far Left: Me on an unknown problem, with Joel spotting and Ricky looking on.

Middle Left: Ricky Oliver on a fun problem at the Gunks on East Spur, with Cheryl spotting (sort of).

Middle Right: Ward on a slab of unknown name and rating in the New Meadow on North Mountain.

Far Right: Christian, from Italy, on West Mountain.

Heather came out and joined us for a couple weeks - one of which we spent around Hueco. On a rest day, we drove over to Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico. We took a fun cave tour out to the Hall of the White Giant. This is a guided tour that you get to wear helmets and pads an crawl around in the dirt. It was loads of fun. When driving there from Hueco, you drive right past the Guadalupe Mountains, which are beautiful as well.

Far Left: Jehana on Wurst Case Scenario, with Sean spotting. This is a problem which Cheryl spent much time on, but finally got, just before we left for home.

Middle Left: Me on an easy problem in the Maze.

Middle and Far Right: Joel and Jen on Ghetto Simulator, a very long V1. The slab beneath you follows you up, so you're never very high, even though the problem is about 35 feet long.

Left: Ward and Cheryl having fun at Sean and Jehana's going away party.

Right: The gang.

Front: Ward, Adam, Cheryl

Back: Patty, Me, Heather, Matt, Ricky in front of the box

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