the Beer Garden early in the day

Our friends Christine and Jeremy have been trying for years to convince us to go with them to Sioux City, Iowa for Fourth of July weekend, and we always responded "Iowa, are you nuts?"

But this year, we must have been delirious from all the heat, and we ended up taking them up on it. So we drove the 9 hours to the far side of Iowa.

The big event of the weekend is Saturday in the Park, which is a big music festival, which also has rides, body painting, food, shopping and lots of people from Iowa! It is organized by one of Jeremy and Christine's friends, Dave, which got us all sorts of special treatment, including free beer! Plus we got to ride around all weekend in Dave's car, a late 60s Oldsmobile convertible.

The musicians at this years event included Dion Payton, Robert Randolph and the Black Crowes.

We had a great time hanging out in Iowa for the weekend, and are grateful to Dave, Adam, and everyone else who showed us such wonderful hospitality.

We took the back way home, and explored some of the small towns and farms across Iowa, and had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

As always, thanks for looking!



Dion Payton

the most unhappy guitar player ever
Robert Randolph playing a steel pedal guitar
Chris and Jeremy with Dave's Super Cool Oldsmobile
Who looks happier about their body painting?
Grooving to the Music, with Bubbles
What a sweet hat!!!
Ooh Boy, Climbing!
Black Crowes
More Black Crowes
Rock and Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Added 07/12/2005

Bowling, anyone?