Southern Illinois

Jackson Falls - June 2002: We decided to head south for the weekend and boulder. we had loads of fun, and didn't even put our harnesses on once all weekend.
It was pretty rainy when we left Chicago, but once we were a little south of the city, everything cleared up, and it was a wonderful sunny weekend.
Heather climbing "Sneaker Arete"
This was the first trip we got to try out our new tent. It performed admirably, although it didn't rain.

Left: Jim on "Travesty"

Right: Heather celebrating after climbing "The Ghetto Life" - the corner on the right.

A cool bug.
Drapers Bluff - September 2002: The two of us headed south again, this time with the purpose of Heather getting back into leading trad routes (routes on which you have to place your own protection). Drapers bluff is perfect for this, as there are lots of easy trad routes. It was pretty hot and humid, but we had fun, and Heather led some good routes.

Left: Heather leading Thin Man

Right: Heather at the top of the first pitch of Bloody Nose.

Far Right: Jim leading the second pitch of Bloody Nose.

Left: Rapelling off of Bloody Nose.

Right: Jim leading something that might be Mickey Mouse

Far right: Heather staying warm by the campfire.

A panoramic taken from the top of Drapers Bluff (fairly large)
Oct 26/27 - Jackson and Drapers Bluff: Gary and Ellen joined us for a cold and drizzly weekend. Lots more people were supposed to go, but everyone else bailed.
Saturday morning was cold, so we played some hackey sac while waiting for it to warm up.
The Main Fall
Heather leading Garden Route Gary on Garden Route
Ellen on Garden Route
We finally headed down into the hollow. The waterfall was flowing better than we've seen it this time of year, and the foliage was very pretty. Everyone climbed the ever classic Garden Route. We then headed down to The Essence of Manky, which was supprisingly dry considering the weather. Afterwards, Heather and I did Lothlorien and Naked Blade, while Gary Bouldered and Ellen tried to stay warm.
Gary Leading Manky Jim on Lothlorien The top of Lothlorien Naked Blade
Sunday we went over to Drapers Bluff. We did a bunch or routes, including Cactus, Leprechaun, Surprise, Dust Doctors and a few on the Slabratory that I have no idea what they're called. Unfortunately, we were all so busy climbing that we took almost no pictures. There is this one of Dust Doctors.
Ellen doing a little drawing at the base of Garden Route.
Jim on Dust Doctors
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