Southern Illinois

A cool caterpillar Heather and Alan
an Unknown Boulderer Fungi

So, here it is nearly the end of September and we finally made it down to Southern Illinois for the weekend. And a wonderful weekend it was. Alan and Theresa came down with their daughter Mary, her friend Leah, and their dog Lucy. Cheryl and Adam made to trek down too, so it was quite a party! Plus we ran into our friend Justin and his girlfriend Sophia. Quite the popular weekend.

Saturday we climbed at Jackson Falls and enjoyed the weather, the catipillars, the fungi, and the climbing. We climbed "The Bolted One" for the first time in several years as well as a bunch of other fun routes, and even a couple boulder problems.

Saturday night, the sunset was wonderful, and the night was nice and cool for sleeping.

Sunday we headed over to Drapers Bluff for a little while. Alan led "Ant Killer", Cheryl led "Dust Doctors" and Justin led some crazy hard thing called "Shame" which the rest of us were certainly shamed by.

And then, much to soon, the weekend was over and it was time to make the 6 hour drive home.

Lucy Heather on The Bolted One
Sunset at Jackson Falls
Alan on Antkiller Cheryl nearing the top of Dust Doctors Alan on Antkiller Again
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Posted on 9/28/04 Old So. Ill.
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