Southern Illinois

It's that time of year again, the first trip of the season to Jackson Falls. The weather cooperated pretty well this year, and we made it down in March, and had a great weekend. It's getting on toward spring in Southern Illinois, and lots of trees are starting to bud, and it's pretty warm out during the day. The rock in the shade is still a bit chilly, and it gets nice and cold at night, but overall nothing to complain about, not that you'd know it looking at Cheryl on Saturday morning (top right). She was probably still bitter about the picture the night before - that flash can be pretty bright when you're trying to sleep.

Anyway, on to the climbing. As it was such a beautiful weekend, there were lots of other climbers around (as well as a few folks out riding horses), thankfully they are all very friendly, and we had lots of good conversations to go along with our climbing. Another exciting development is that the new version of the guidebook to Southern Illinois is finally out, and available here!

Above: Justin, who we met this weekend, leading for the first time.
Above, Below and Right: Everyone climbing "Flingin' Hog", a Jackson Falls classic. Heather had a harder time than the rest of us getting to the first hold.
Below and Above: Heather getting into the groove on "Gully Gee Whiz". A very nice new route.

Above: Heather climbing "Southern Inquisition:

Left: Heather climbing down into the hollow. Climbing this rope is the main way into or out of Jackson Falls.

Right: Cheryl reaching and balancing on "Lasso the Vulture"

Below: Cheryl having "Tons of Fun".

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Posted on 3/23/05