Southern Illinois

So it's May already, but we finally made it down to Jackson Falls a couple weekends ago. We drove down with Alan and Lucy, the yellow lab.

As always, there was a lot of hanging out that went on Saturday morning before making it out climbing. Lots of playing with the dog, drinking coffee, and playing with my new camera! This cute little Orchard spider spent the morning hanging out in our campsite as well.

While we were out climbing, Justin appeared! So we got to have fun hanging out with Justin for the weekend. And he's climbing harder than I am, so I got to climb some routes I would not have otherwise gotten on, which was fun.

Saturday evening it started raining, so we put up a real quick tarp, and figured it would blow over. It kept raining until around 9 o'clock Sunday morning. That led to another slow morning. Finally we motivated to pack up and try and climb. I stopped off on the way to take some shots of the waterfalls, then climbed a bit. As we were heading back to the cars for the drive home, the sun came out.


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Posted on 5/18/06 by Jim