Okay, so I know it's old, but last Thanksgiving Heather and I went to Tennessee with Cheryl and Billy. We were hoping to climb at Tennessee Wall for a couple days. When we arrived at the campground that we had picked as a meeting spot, it was really cold and raining. But, come morning, the rain finally stopped, and there was actually a little blue sky! So after breakfast, which was made a little more difficult by flames shooting out the front of Cheryls stove, we headed out climbing. T-Wall was wonderful, if still a bit cold. We did a few routes, including Billys first trad lead ever!

Soon, the sun was setting, and it was back to camp. The next day the wall was closed because of hunting, so we decided to go to Foster Falls instead.

Foster Falls was beautiful, and even a little warmer than T-Wall had been, although still a bit chilly. But there is lots of rock, and lots of really fun routes, and a beautiful river with some great waterfalls. And we didn't even get shot at by deer hunters, as the sign warned that we might.

That night we decided that we'd had enough of the cold, so we rented a cabin. The campsite we were at had some cute little cabins for not too much money, and we figured it would be worth it, and it was. We stayed nice and warm, and had nice comfy beds to sleep in. And, even though the cabin was only about 75 Square Feet, with one door and one window, they had provided us with a handy emergency escape map, just like a big fancy hotel.

Plus, the campground had caves! So in the morning we went on a cave tour, which was pretty fun, and much more impressive than the pictures make it out to be. Unfortunately we hadn't planned ahead enough to get to go on the Wild Cave Tour, and had to suffice with a Crystal Palace Tour, but it was still pretty fun. And someday hopefully we'll make it back down to go on the more exciting tour.
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Posted on 9/11/04