It's Christmas! And the few days afterward. It was Cameron's birthday too, so there was lots of fun and partying and presents and family. And trips to Shorty's! In short, lots of good times. Oh, and Heather spent the whole time trying to reassemble a wooden cube type puzzle. Even with much assistance from Craig, it remains in pieces.

And Puppies! Lots of Puppies!

Before leaving for Maine, we did get out for one quick hike. We climbed Mt. Morgan, which is up near Squam Lake. It was a bit cold, and there was some fresh snow, but the view was wonderful, and it was nice to get out and hike after several days of sitting around eating.

One of the highlights of the trail was going up the cliffs, which were aided by three wooden ladders bolted into the rocks. At the top of the ladders there was also a small tunnel of rocks you had to crawl through.

This picture on the left is of a really large, very strange ice crystal. We saw tons of others like them, both on this hike, and in Maine, and we haven't been able to determine how they form. But they are found in large clusters in what looks like areas of mud that froze. This particular one was probably 2 inches tall.

In Bar Harbor, we managed to catch up with a lot of people, even if not for very long. Aaron and Emily were only in town for one night, before heading up north for New Years.

We did get to do some hiking and exploring the Island with Roger and Ember, including the Beehive and Ships Harbor, the site of many and infamous shipwreck.

Donna cooked us lots of good food, including the lobsters that we can't get in Wisconsin, and we saw Pete and Christina occasionally as they wandered through.

Then it was back to NH for Dad's birthday, then Pennsylvania to see Mom and Mack, for their Birthdays, one a little late and one a little early, then back to Wisconsin.

Next year, since we'll be in Seattle, we won't get to do the drive, but we'll find a way to make it back.

Posted 01/13/2007

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