The Lincoln Park Zoo, here in Chicago, is nearing completion of a new $25.7 million ape exhibit. One section of this is designed to hold Gorillas. In order make it a pleasing place, both for the gorillas and visitors to the zoo, they have left it open, with only a rock-looking wall to keep the animals safely in their home. To try and ensure that the gorillas can't climb out this wall, several climbers from around the area were brought in to test it. I was lucky enough to be one of those testers - unfortunately Heather had to go to the lab and couldn't join us. So we got to spend a couple hours climbing around the new ape exhibit., looking for ways out.

There were lots of Zoo personnel on hand, as well as the Chicago Tribune for publicity - we made the front page, with continuation to the back page, must have been a slow news day. The article is online here, but who knows how long they'll keep it up? If you don't want to register, try using "plastic" for both username and password.

Both Keith and I were able to escape from the pit in several areas, much to the annoyance of the zoo people, but they'll make some modifications to it, and invite us back in June for follow-up testing.

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All photos by Molly Maiers