At the dock
Kavenga in the harbor
entrance to Gig Harbor
At sail

As some of you may know, we decided to sell our houseboat and move onto a sailboat. The houseboat selling part went pretty well, and with only a few minor hiccups, we are now homeless. Buying a sailboat has not been without a little drama, however. But, we are finally closing in (fingers crossed). Long story short, we have had an offer agreed to on a 41 foot Lord Nelson cutter rigged sailboat named Kavenga, and we are hopefully nearing the actual purchase.

One of the things you get to do when purchasing a boat is a "sea-trial". This is where they let you take the boat out and sail it around to make sure you really do like it. We had our sea trial this past Sunday. We expected cloudy and now wind, but were treated to a beautiful sunny day with 15-20 knot winds and very calm water. A perfect day to try out the boat.

She sailed beautifully, we got her up to about 7 knots without much effort, and she handles like a dream. We even had good scenery, with beautiful views of Mount Rainier and a spotting of the schooner Adventuress returning to harbor.

Next up is the survey (sort of like a house inspection) which happens Wednesday! Then, if all goes well (fingers still crossed) she could be ours by as early as this weekend!

Thanks for looking!


Posted 10/1/12

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