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Heather's Photo of the Week - 04 February 2007

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Winter is finally here in Wisconsin, but that doesn't stop Jim, the fearless griller! He was out this evening (0 degrees, brrrrrrrr!) cooking up dinner from another Christmas present. Just the previous night, a fabulous shipment of steaks showed up on our doorstep - Thanks to Lynda and company. We enjoyed this dinnner and are looking forward to many more. I am especially looking forward to letting Jim carry on the outdoor cooking becuase there is no way you're getting me out there. Just for the record, we had a new low last night - it was -22F and today our high was -12. No wonder the locals laughed at how impressed I was when we hit minus fourteen! Well, that's it for this week. Hope you're all staying well and a big thank you to Lynda and Jamie for feeding us so well!