Heather's Photo of the Moment- 09 July 2007

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December 2006 -

In addition to trying to figure out how bilge pumps work, our other big project has been painting. It was time to spruce-up the exterior so we plunged into the joys of painting while trying to avoid falling off of ladders precariously perched on the dock. In addition to the challenges of painting a floating object, neither of us knew a thing about painting in general so we've been making it up as we go along. We started on the front wall because it was easiest to work on (with the deck....) and you can see the results above. The boat is a little bit brighter now, with a lighter gray and a brighter blue. I apologize for the disasterous photograph, taken through the life-lines of our neighbor, the soul-less swan, but it was the best angle I could come up with for the before and after picture. Now that it's officially summer in Seattle, the weather has been just perfect so we've stopped obsessively checking the forecast and hopefully, we'll finish up painting soon. The front and side along the dock are done. The back is prepped - complete with new trim around the window (Jim got to do a little carpentry so he had lots of fun with powertools on the dock) so that will be done soon. The real challenge will be prepping and painting the long side you see here since between the two boats is lots of water and not much else. Stay tuned to see if the creative solution requires our climbing skills!

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