Photo of the Moment - 11 December 2007

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Hopefully you've already had a chance to look at Jim's pictures of the rainforest and waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula. Since he took care of the gorgeous scenery and beautiful pictures, I thought I'd present some local Pacific-Northwest character. Starting with a PNW classic that Jim and I have dubbed, the 'coffee shack'! Shown here is a classic example of the mini-coffee shop that seems to have been perfected in Washington state. I know you're thinking that you've seen these before but what you haven't seen the the sheer number of them out here. Every town we go through, even if it only has 87 residents, has at least two drive through 'coffee-shacks'. One for each end of town. It's crazy - but somehow comforting to know, that no matter where you are in the Pacific Northwest, you can be there caffeinated!

Here is another image that just screams Pacific-Northwest Character to me. The classic VW bus with homemade kayak carrier, complete with a beautiful, solid wood kayak. Now, you might see a similar sight in Maine or New Hampshire during the summer, but not at the end of November. Welcome to Washington!







Finally, for my last iconic image of the Pacific Northwest, I present Jim's new favorite chili-dog. We stopped at a little sub shop in Port Angeles on the way back to Seattle. Jim has been sampling chili-dogs all around the Pacific Northwest but I think this may be his new favorite. Possibly, because you can't see the 'dog' under all that chili. Just in case you were curious, yes, we did get lattes at the coffee-shack across the street following the chili-dog extravaganza.

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