Photo of the Moment - 30 December 2008

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This is the view from my new lab location on the day the snow started. We just moved back to this building after renovations to make the building more earthquake proof. So, I'll have a good view when the next big one hits Seattle. In the mean-time, it's a great place to watch the snow fall.

Below is a picture of our neighbors in the marina on the next day when the snow stopped. We did see them out later on sweeping off the decks.

Last but not least, a view of the trees when we finally emerged from the cocoon of our boat for Sunday brunch after the big snow of 2008. Take a good look at the sidewalk because that was clearer than any of the roads in the entire city.

Stay tuned for pictures of Jim and our neighbor Matt hard at work reparing the havoc wreaked by freezing temperatures in a city where nothing ever freezes.

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