Photo of the Moment - 29 January 2008

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You've probably seen Jim's page of our Christmas eve hike in Bar Harbor. It was a beautiful day, but not our first run-in with New England snow. The first snow of our trip was in Gray, Maine where we stopped to visit Aaron and Emily and check out their new home. The house was great, as was the company, but the weather wasn't quite so friendly. We spent a relaxing day snowed in although Jim occasionally went out to try and clear the long driveway. You can't see him in back of all the snow, but he's there - check out the picture below. Fortunately, Aaron had just brought the snow blower back the night before. Perfect timing


Just for contrast, I've also added a picture of the biggest 'snow storm' we've seen in Seattle thus far. As you can tell from the massive amount of snow on the deck, it was a doozie of a storm that night. Don't you want to come visit Seattle? See you soon!

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